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Problem Solving Monthly Training

General Training
The PSO will provide introductory training outlining both the vision of problem-solving related to the mission of GRGB and an overview of how to use key tools/methodologies to solve simple to complex challenges up and down the chain of command.

Specific Tool Training
The PSO will provide training tailored to specific tools/methodologies critical to the problem-solving journey.

What is the Navy doing in 2023 to reinforce GRGB Training?
Conducting problem solving training every other month, starting in March of 2023.

What is the training, and where can I find it?
In March, we covered 5 Whys: 5 Whys Training Guidance | 5 Whys Training Card | 5 Whys Instructional Brief
In May, we will cover Standard Work
In July, we will cover Daily & Visual Management
In September, we will cover DMAIC Refresher
In November, we will cover Kata