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About Get Real Get Better

Admiral Lisa Franchetti “In our ongoing effort to strengthen warfighters, improve warfighting, and ready the platforms that support them, our way ahead is clear and our course is true. We will continue our Navy-wide culture renovation, where Get Real Get Better is the standard of leadership and problem-solving that leaders at all levels embrace and live. We are building teams that are self-assessing, self-correcting, and always learning toward one goal - delivering warfighting advantage. Similarly, we have commenced a once-in-a-generation transformation of our Navy in order to develop, design, and deploy the weapons and tools we need to compete and win, both now and in the future. In this decisive decade, we will maintain this course and increase our speed.”
-- Admiral Lisa Franchetti, Chief of Naval Operations

Get Real Get Better is a call to action for every Navy leader to apply a set of Navy-proven leadership and problem solving best practices that empower our people to achieve exceptional performance.


  • The Navy has teams with great culture and great performance, but we also see examples of teams with poor culture and weak performance. The gap between our best and our worst performers is too large.
  • To remain the world’s strongest Navy, we must have consistently strong performance. Get Real, Get Better is the mindset consistently used by our best performers.
  • This approach empowers our people to find and fix problems – and innovate – at their level, from the deckplate to senior leaders. We reward ownership and ingenuity, and we help each other remove barriers.
  • We are committed to accelerating our warfighting advantage by unleashing our people, not by burdening them with extra requirements, policies, or bureaucracy.
  • Principles here and in the Charge of Command make our Navy more ready for competition and combat.

Get Real Get Better is a proven mindset that every Navy leader must embrace to unlock the full potential of our people. The principles underlying Get Real Get Better remain unchanged:
  1. Get Real Get Better begins with our Navy Core Values: honor, courage, and commitment. This is the foundation for who we are.
  2. The GRGB mindset is one that is self-assessing, self-correcting, and always learning.
  3. We are a world-class Navy, but our performance is not consistently world-class. There remains unacceptable variability in performance between our best and worst commands. We must continue to act urgently to sustain and strengthen deterrence against our most consequential strategic competitor and pacing challenge.
  4. Get Real Get Better is about achieving warfighting advantage.
  5. We are choosing deliberately to think, act, and operate differently.
  6. What makes Get Real Get Better different is that we have developed measurable behaviors and standards.
  7. There is no finish line in pursuing continuous improvement.
  8. Get Real Get Better is for the entire Navy workforce, both uniformed and civilian.