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Get Real Get Better Quick Reference


Get Real Get Better is an initiative to advance our Navy culture. We use the term “advance” because we are keeping what we know works. Get Real Get Better is straight forward, proven leadership and problem-solving behaviors already practiced by our best leaders, and we are making it the standard.
Get Real Get Better is about building better leaders and problem-solvers toward one goal: warfighting advantage. Through Get Real Get Better, we are choosing to think, act and operate differently.

Mindset Infographic

Why Get Real Get Better

We are pursuing Get Real Get Better because, although we are a world class Navy, not all performance is world class. We have too much variability in performance, notable in:  shipyard delays, force development failures, operational and safety incidents, and pay and personnel issues. Meanwhile, our pacing challenge is getting bigger and better. Our status quo is not a winning position over time.
How Get Real Get Better Works

We begin with our time-honored and proven Navy Core Values (honor, courage, commitment), and apply the Get Real Get Better mindset (self-assessing, self-correcting, always learning), to achieve the Get Real Get Better behaviors (act transparently, focus on what matters most, build learning teams).
What's Different about Get Real Get Better

Get Real Get Better is not just theory. We are adopting measurable standards for these leadership and problem-solving behaviors. The standards are:
  1. Align on standards and goals
  2. Find and embrace the “red”
  3. Use Navy problem-solving methods to get at root cause
  4. Fix or elevate barriers
  5. Encourage learning through trust and respect
  6. Specify ownership
For further information regarding the standards above please click here