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Leadership Monthly Training

What did Navy do in 2022 to train-to GRGB Leadership Behaviors?
Roll-out GRGB Behaviors to Ech-V Triads and above using the GRGB Toolkit.

What is the Navy doing in 2023 to reinforce GRGB Leadership Behaviors?
Conducting leadership training every other month, starting in February of 2023.

How should I conduct this training?
This training is designed to be a discussion, where one reads about a page of information, then re-reads the specific GRGB Leadership Behavior Card, then engages in conversation based on a handful of questions.  No PowerPoint required!

What is the training, and where can I find it?
In February, we covered Build Learning Teams and Encourage Learning through Trust and Respect
In April, we will cover Act Transparently and Align on Standards and Goals: Training Guidance | Instructional Brief
In June, we will cover Act Transparently by Finding and Embracing the Red
In August, we will cover Act on What Matters most: Use proven Problem Solving methods
In October, we will cover Act on what matters most: Fix or Elevate Barriers
In December, we will cover Specify Ownership.