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Training Calendar

General Training
The Problem Solving Office (PSO) will provide introductory training outlining both the vision of problem-solving related to the mission of GRGB and an overview of how to use key tools/methodologies to solve simple to complex challenges up and down the chain of command.

Specific Tool Training
The PSO will provide training tailored to specific tools/methodologies critical to the problem-solving journey.

Leadership Training
This training is designed to be a discussion, where one reads about a page of information, then re-reads the specific GRGB Leadership Behavior Card, then engages in conversation based on a handful of questions.  No PowerPoint required!

What has the Navy done to train-to GRGB Leadership Behaviors?
Rolled out GRGB Behaviors to Ech-V Triads and above using the GRGB Toolkit.

What is the Navy doing to reinforce GRGB Training?
Conducting problem solving training and leadership training, alternating months. 

How will the Navy maintain momentum in 2024? 
Continue problem-solving and leadership training with new and reinforced topics according to the voice of the customer. 

 Monthly Trainings
Month Training Type Training Topic
July 2024 Problem Solving Daily & Visual Management
Training CardInstructional Brief | Case Study
June 2024 Leadership Behaviors Act Transparently and Align on Standards and Goals
Training Guidance | Self-Assessment Guide
May 2024 Problem Solving Standard Work
Training Card | Case Study
April 2024 Leadership Building Learning Teams 
March 2024 Problem Solving DMAIC Refresher BriefDMAIC Refresher Instructor Guide | Limited Duty Case Study
February 2024 Leadership Behaviors  Mindset Facilitation Guide | Mindset One Pager | Mindset Quiz 
Mindset Quiz Scoring
January 2024 Problem Solving Voice of the Customer
Training Card | Training Brief | Training Packet 
December 2023 Leadership Behaviors Specify Ownership
Training Card | Training Packet
November 2023 Problem Solving Kata
Training Card | Instructional Brief
October 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act on what matters most: Fix or Elevate Barriers
Training Card | Training Packet
September 2023 Problem Solving DMAIC Refresher
Training Card | Training Packet | Refresher Brief
August 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act on What Matters most: Use proven Problem Solving methods
Training Card | Training Packet
July 2023 Problem Solving Daily & Visual Management
Training Card | Instructional Brief 
June 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act Transparently by Finding and Embracing the Red
Training Card | Publication | Training Packet
May 2023 Problem Solving Standard Work
Training Card | Instructional Brief
April 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act Transparently and Align on Standards and Goals
Training Guidance | Instructional Brief
March 2023 Problem Solving 5 Whys
Training Guidance | Training Card | Instructional Brief
February 2023 Leadership Behaviors Build Learning Teams and Encourage Learning through Trust and Respect
Training Guidance