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Education & Training Calendar

 Monthly Trainings
Month Training Type Training Topic
February 2023 Leadership Behaviors Build Learning Teams and Encourage Learning through Trust and Respect
Training Guidance
March 2023 Problem Solving 5 Whys
Training Guidance | Training Card | Instructional Brief
April 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act Transparently and Align on Standards and Goals
Training Guidance | Instructional Brief
May 2023 Problem Solving Standard Work
Training Card | Instructional Brief
June 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act Transparently by Finding and Embracing the Red
Training Card | Publication | Training Packet
July 2023 Problem Solving Daily & Visual Management
Training Card | Instructional Brief 
August 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act on What Matters most: Use proven Problem Solving methods
Training Card | Training Packet
September 2023 Problem Solving DMAIC Refresher
Training Card | Training Packet | Refresher Brief
October 2023 Leadership Behaviors Act on what matters most: Fix or Elevate Barriers
Training Card | Training Packet
November 2023 Problem Solving Kata
Training Card | Instructional Brief
December 2023 Leadership Behaviors Specify Ownership
Training Card | Training Packet
January 2024 Problem Solving Voice of the Customer
Training Card | Training Brief | Training Packet 
February 2024 Leadership Behaviors GRGB as a Mindset
Training Card | Facilitation Guide | Quiz | Scoresheet